Accepting your Attunement

When your Chi Ball Attunement has been prepared and I have confirmed this via email, you will need to accept it when you are ready to do so.

The process is very simple and easy to follow and relies a lot on your intention to do so. So even if you have any doubts if you are doing it correctly as long as you wholeheartedly want to accept the attunement and follow the intention statement below you will receive the attunement.

Preparing for your Chi Ball Attunement

It is recommended to make the process as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Find a place or room where you will not be interrupted for about half an hour or so. Take the phone off the hook and switch off your mobile.

Dim the lights or partly close the blinds and perhaps light a candle or incense. Always make sure that the lit candle and incense is safely positioned as you may enter a state of deep relaxation.

Some people like to play some gentle relaxing music although do try and select music that does not have any lyrics, as this can be distracting.

When receiving an attunement sit in a comfortable chair and place your hands on each thigh with your palms facing upwards. You can also lie down if you prefer. It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed, so the position you are in is a personal choice.

Accepting your Chi Ball Attunement

When you are ready and comfortable, please state the following:

‘I will now receive the [NAME OF ATTUNEMENT – INCLUDE LEVEL IF APPROPRIATE] attunement from Ashley Michael now and ask that I will receive the strongest energies that I can handle.’

If you are visual you may like to visualise the energies start to fill your being from the inside out. The more you connect with the energies the brighter your being glows and reaches out of you. Picture yourself glowing like a star.

You do not have to do anything else but relax and enjoy the experience, which will last between 15 – 30 minutes. You will either feel it come to an end or you might fall asleep during the attunement and wake up later.

Everyone’s attunement experience is different. Some feel nothing while others feel vibrations, warmth and some may see things. Your attunement will be what is right for you, so if you don’t experience anything, please don’t worry and be assured that you have received the attunement.

Next steps

Remember an attunement is only the first step. It is now important that you activate and use the energies as often as you can, at least daily or as instructed in the manual, in the beginning.

How To Activate Energies Following Your Chi Ball Attunement

It is important to remember that an attunement is only one step in a process of activating and using the specific energies of the attunement. The attunement permanently connects you to the energies, and yes it may start a process of clearing and healing, however, it is vitally important that you actually use the energies once attuned to gain any potential benefit.

An attunement is not the destination, it is the start of a journey.

How To Activate Energies Following Your Chi Ball Attunement

With this in mind, following your attunement it is highly recommended to activate and use the energies you are now attuned to at least on a daily basis, to begin with (or depending on what the manual instructs). This can usually be done very easily through intention. What this means is that if you wholeheartedly want to use the energies and focus on this the energies will flow. One of the easiest ways to use intention to activate the energies you are now attuned to is by using an intention statement such as:


Once you have used your intention statement focus on the flow of energy and truly want this. The energies will flow.

If you want to activate the energies for someone else then hold the intention to do so, focus on the person you want to send the energy to and say something like:


When sending energy to someone, please always gain consent before doing so (Consent And Distant Energy Healing).

There are some attunement courses that use symbols, meditations etc in order to activate the energies of the attunement. If this is the case you will find details on how to use these methods in the manual that is provided with your attunement course. Although intention will always be a very important aspect of activating energies.