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I Failed my assignment?

“I’ve failed an assignment. What happens now?” Our tutors are here to help you if you do not pass your assignment first time, although we do expect assignments to be your best effort when you submit them. If you haven’t passed

Can I submit a draft assignment?

Student often ask ‘Can I submit a draft assignment before it is formally graded?’ As a general rule of principle we do not accept draft versions of assignments as this can give some students and unfair competitive advantage when their work is

How is my course assessed?

This will be listed in your Course Introduction page.The course introduction will detail the method(s) of assessment used for the particular course in question, whether it be formal written assignment, online multiple choice test or interactive tests.

Can I improve my assessment grade?

Student often ask the question “Can I improve my assessment grade once it has been marked?” If you do not achieve a pass mark the first time you submit your assignment(s), your tutor will provide you with sufficient feedback and

Whom can I contact other than my tutor?

Whilst your tutor is available to support you during your learning, we also have a dedicated tech team who are available to help you with all administrative queries, from login into the OLP to completion of certificates. You can contact them via one of the following

Changing your contact details

To update your profile details, including your address, name and certificate details just select the ‘Edit Profile’ tab in the main menu. The Edit Profile page will allow you to update your details accordingly.

I need an invoice or receipt

Our standard procedure for all enrolments, whether it is the first time you are joining a course or signing up for an additional course, is to email you a receipt shortly after enrolling. We are also happy to provide a company

How to read and evaluate external resources

The best method of Study

Generally speaking, we recommend that you read through the particular course modules, taking any notes where necessary or that you feel are good learning points. Ensure you take detailed notes and research any concepts that you may not initially understand

Should I take notes while studying?

This is largely dependant upon your particular method/style of learning.We would strongly recommend that you take notes whilst working your way through your course to ensure you gain the most from studying, however this is entirely up to you.You can