Can I submit a draft assignment?

Student often ask ‘Can I submit a draft assignment before it is formally graded?’ As a general rule of principle we do not accept draft versions of assignments as this can give some students and unfair competitive advantage when their work is being assessed. 

Here are a few guidelines that you should follow when completing an assignment as this will ensure you are able to complete the assignment correctly on first attempt.

    1. Read each question very carefully and try not to overcomplicate the question. If the question is asking you to produce an answer in essay format, avoid presenting your results in a list format.
    1. Read the assessment criteria. These can usually be found at the end of each unit. The assessment criteria will enable you to see how your work is marked and what you need to do to achieve a pass, merit or distinction.
  1. Discuss any uncertainties. If you’re unsure about how to write your assignment for any reason, discuss this with your course tutor before you start.

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