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I Failed my assignment?

“I’ve failed an assignment. What happens now?” Our tutors are here to help you if you do not pass your assignment first time, although we do expect assignments to be your best effort when you submit them. If you haven’t passed

Can I submit a draft assignment?

Student often ask ‘Can I submit a draft assignment before it is formally graded?’ As a general rule of principle we do not accept draft versions of assignments as this can give some students and unfair competitive advantage when their work is

How is my course assessed?

This will be listed in your Course Introduction page.The course introduction will detail the method(s) of assessment used for the particular course in question, whether it be formal written assignment, online multiple choice test or interactive tests.

Can I improve my assessment grade?

Student often ask the question “Can I improve my assessment grade once it has been marked?” If you do not achieve a pass mark the first time you submit your assignment(s), your tutor will provide you with sufficient feedback and