Category: Technical

How to contact Tech Support

To contact the tech support team at Harley Oxford, please email with you support query.

Video loading issues

If your course includes videos you may at some point experience video playback issues depending on your web browser and flash setting. Below is a list of solutions to common problems: Refresh the Page If you see this message, try

Compatible Web Browsers

You can use any web browser to access the Harley Oxford e-learning system.However, theHarley Oxford e-learning system has been built around the Google Chrome web browser. For the best possible internet experience we highly recommend you install and use Google Chrome.

Compatible devices

The Harley Oxford e-learning system is accessible on multiple devices including Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones.For optimal use we strongly suggest studying on a PC or Laptop in a distraction free learning environment, however if you want to study

My Course Videos are not playing?

All the videos featured on this website are streamed in HTML 5, MP4 coding. Meaning, the videos will be accessible across multiple devices and browsers. If for any reason the videos contained within this site do not appear to be working