Crystal Healing Therapy Course

Welcome to the Crystal Healing Therapy course.

The Crystal Healing Therapy course provides a fantastic insight into the in-depth field of Crystal therapy

The course will explore various aspects of Crystal Therapy including choosing, cleansing, energising and storing your crystals, chakras, self-treatment exercises
and pendulum dowsing.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

Read the Course Modules
Complete the Final Assessment Test

We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 Historical Background
Unit 1 Prehistoric and Ancient Era
Unit 2 The Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
Unit 3 Contemporary Period
Module 2 Crystals and Stones with their Associated Healing Properties
Unit 1 Multifaceted Crystals
Unit 2 Opportunistic Crystals
Unit 3 Inspiring Crystals
Unit 4 Harmonious Crystals
Unit 5 Protective Crystals
Module 3 The Human Energy Field
Unit 1 Subtle Bodies Definition and the Physical Plane Bodies
Unit 2 The Astral Body and Spiritual Planes
Unit 3 Chakra Definition and Chakras Relating to Physical Being
Unit 4 The Link Between Physical and Spiritual Chakras and Chakras Related to Spiritual Being
Module 4 Healing
Unit 1 Crystal Healing
Module 5 Meditation
Unit 1 Meditation Definition and the History of Meditation
Unit 2 How to Meditate:
Unit 3 How Meditation Benefits the Body and Mind
Unit 4 Meditation and Crystal Healing
Module 6 Popular Crystals Used in Healing
Unit 1 Lapis Lazuli
Unit 2 Rose Quartz
Unit 3 Hematite
Unit 4 Black Tourmaline
Unit 5 Citrine
Module 7 Money and Healing
Unit 1 Arguments Against Crystal Healing & Supporting Traditional Medicine:
Unit 2 Counter Arguments Supporting Crystal Healing:
Unit 3 Summary (Putting the Arguments Together):
Module 8 Client Contact
Unit 1 Consultation Process and Client Care:
Unit 2 Choosing, Cleansing, and Programming Crystals:
Unit 3 Crystal Therapy Procedure, Pendulum Dowsing: