Emergency First Aid Course

Welcome to the Emergency First Aid Course.

Harley Oxford is offering students this Emergency First Aid Course. The course provides a fantastic insight into Emergency First Aid, Equipment and Provisions, First Aid Techniques, First Aid for Illnesses and much more.

This course will explore various aspects required to help you become A Successful First aider.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

Read the Course Modules
Complete Final Exam

We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 First Aid Legislation
Unit 1 Legal Requirements
Unit 2 First Aid Needs Assessment
Unit 3 Recording and Reporting
Module 2 Equipment and Provisions
Unit 1 Minimum Provisions Required
Unit 2 First Aid Kits
Unit 3 Appointed Persons
Unit 4 Additional Provisions
Unit 5 First-Aider
Unit 6 First Aid Room
Unit 7 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Unit 8 First Aid Signs
Module 3 Assessment
Unit 1 Initial Assessment
Unit 2 The Primary Survey
Unit 3 The Secondary Survey
Unit 4 Calling an Ambulance
Unit 5 Prioritising Actions
Module 4 First Aid Techniques
Unit 1 Introduction to First Aid Techniques
Unit 2 Performing CPR
Unit 3 The Recovery Position
Unit 4 Using a Defibrillator
Unit 5 Dressing and Bandaging
Module 5 First Aid for Illnesses
Unit 1 Loss of Responsiveness
Unit 2 Heart Conditions
Unit 3 Temperature-Related Illness
Unit 4 Stroke
Unit 5 Seizures
Unit 6 Anaphylaxis
Unit 7 Diabetes-Related Illnesses
Module 6 First Aid for Injuries and Incidents
Unit 1 Head Injuries
Unit 2 Severe Bleeding
Unit 3 Fractures and Dislocations
Unit 4 Burns and Scalds
Unit 5 Electrocution
Unit 6 Poisoning
Unit 7 Choking