Family Health and Nutrition


Module 1 What your body needs
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Understanding food groups
Module 2 Nutritional Family Diet
Unit 1 Nutrients Ovierview
Unit 2 What does my body need
Unit 3 Healthy diet during pregnancy
Module 3 Top tips for a healthier lifestyle
Unit 1 Essential Shopping tips
Unit 2 Choosing Organic
Unit 3 What to look out for when shopping
Unit 4 Cutting back on Sugar and Salt
Unit 5 Smoothies and juices
Unit 6 Children’s weight
Unit 7 How to help an overweight child
Unit 8 Daily exercises
Module 4 Foods that Energise and Repair
Unit 1 Eliminating Tiredness
Unit 2 The Importance of Sleep
Unit 3 How to Relieve stress
Module 5 Vegetarian Diet and Vegans
Unit 1 Feeding Vegetarians
Unit 2 Young vegetarians and vegans
Module 6 Dietary Guidelines
Unit 1 Cutting out Red Meat
Unit 2 Food allergies and intolerances
Module 7 Healthy classic recipes
Unit 1 Buckwheat, Oat, and Apple Pancakes
Unit 2 Spinach and Mushroom Egg-White Omelet
Unit 3 Mango and Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Unit 4 Mediterranean Baked Fish
Unit 5 Herb-Topped Fish Pie
Unit 6 Tuna Teriyaki with Stir-Fried Greens