Forensic Science

Welcome to the Forensic Science Course. Our Forensic Science course provides a fantastic insight into the Forensic Science field.

Module 1 Understanding forensic science
Unit 1 Defining Forensic Science
Unit 2 Disciplines of Forensic science
Unit 3 Forensic Scientist Skills
Module 2 Crime Scene investigation
Unit 1 Criminal scene as a recent history
Unit 2 Crime Scene Investigation Process
Unit 3 Gauging the value of evidence
Module 3 Nature of Evidence
Unit 1 Defining evidence
Unit 2 Types of evidence
Unit 3 Evidence identification
Module 4 Trace Evidence
Unit 1 Understanding Trace Evidence
Unit 2 Elements of trace evidence
Unit 3 Analysing trace evidence
Module 5 Forensic Evidence Admissibility and Exert witness
Unit 1 Principles of general evidence acceptance
Unit 2 Daubert Standard
Unit 3 The Amendment of Rule 702
Module 6 Forensic science oversight
Unit 1 Accreditation
Unit 2 Proficiency testing
Unit 3 Certification
Module 7 Crime Scene Safety
Unit 1 Route of Exposure
Unit 2 Implementing Safety
Unit 3 Personal Protective Equipment
Module 8 Principles of Forensic DNA for court officers
Unit 1 Introduction to the biology of the DNA
Unit 2 Practical issues Specific to DNA Evidence
Unit 3 Trial Presentation
Module 9 Firearm and Bullet identification
Unit 1 Examination of firearms
Unit 2 Cartridges and shell examination
Unit 3 Bullet identification and Comparison
Module 10 Forensic Death Scene Investigation
Unit 1 Arriving and Evaluating the Scene
Unit 2 Documenting and evaluating the scene and the body
Unit 3 A guide to investigative tools and Equipment