Makeup Artist Course

Welcome to the Makeup Artist course. Our Makeup Artist course provides a fantastic insight into the world of Makeup Artistry. The course will explore basic tools, how to identifying your skin tone and undertone, flawless foundation routines plus much more. In order to complete the course candidates must do the following: Read the Course Modules and Complete the Final Assessment. We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 Makeup Artistry
Unit 1 An Introduction to the makeup artistry course
Module 2 Make up 101
Unit 1 Basic Tools
Unit 2 Identifying your Skin Type
Unit 3 Identifying Your Skin Tone and Undertone
Unit 4 Colour Correction Scheme
Unit 5 Makeup Starter Kit Essentials
Module 3 All About the Base
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 3
Unit 2 Double Cleansing
Unit 3 Exfoliator
Unit 4 Toner
Unit 5 Serum
Unit 6 Eye Cream
Unit 7 Moisturizer
Unit 8 SPF
Module 4 All About the Face
Unit 1 Skin Preparation
Unit 2 Flawless Foundation Routine
Unit 3 Concealer Application
Unit 4 How to Contour and Highlight
Unit 5 Blush and Bronzer Application
Unit 6 Baking
Unit 7 Strobing
Module 5 How To's
Unit 1 Eyebrow Filling
Unit 2 How to Apply False Eyelashes
Unit 3 How to Accessorize the Face
Unit 4 How to Do Winged Eyeliner
Unit 5 How to Overdraw the Lips
Module 6 Classic Make-up Looks
Unit 1 No Make-up Make-up Look
Unit 2 The Office Look
Unit 3 Nighttime Glam
Unit 4 Bridal Make-up
Module 9 A Career as a Makeup Artist
Unit 1 Makeup Artist Employment Preferences
Unit 2 A career as a makeup artist
Unit 3 Final Examination