Mental Health and Young People Diploma

Module 1 Introduction to Mental Health
Unit 1 Mental Health in Young People
Unit 2 Improving Mental Health Awareness
Unit 3 Importance of Educating Teaching Staff
Unit 4 Role of Staff
Unit 5 Effects on Education
Module 2 Mental Health Disorders
Unit 1 Emotional Disorders
Unit 2 Conduct Disorders
Unit 3 Hyperkinetic Disorders
Unit 4 Attachment Disorders
Unit 5 Other Mental Health Disorders
Module 3 Risk Factors and Identification
Unit 1 Risk Factors Associated with Mental Illness
Unit 2 Identifying Students with Mental Health Disorders
Unit 3 Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
Module 4 Promoting Positive Mental Health
Unit 1 Promoting Positive Mental Health
Unit 2 Reducing Stigma
Unit 3 Developing Social Skills
Unit 4 Anti-Bullying Policies
Unit 5 Peer Mentoring and Support
Unit 6 Pastoral Care
Unit 7 Working with Parents and Carers
Unit 8 Tailoring the Curriculum
Module 5 PSHE Education
Unit 1 What is PSHE Education?
Unit 2 Benefits of PSHE Education
Unit 3 Recommended Curriculum
Unit 4 Relationships
Unit 5 Living in the Wider World
Module 6 Supporting Students with Mental Health Disorders
Unit 1 Classroom Support
Unit 2 One-On-One Support
Unit 3 Individual Healthcare Plans
Unit 4 Coping Strategies
Unit 5 ‘Cool Down’ Rooms
Unit 6 Medication
Unit 7 General Advice
Module 7 CAMHS
Unit 1 What is CAMHS?
Unit 2 Functions and Benefits
Unit 3 Referral to CAMHS
Unit 4 Professionals in a CAMHS Team
Module 8 Counselling and Therapy
Unit 1 School-Based Counselling
Unit 2 Benefits of Counselling
Unit 3 Person-Centred Counselling
Unit 4 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Unit 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Unit 6 Expose Response Prevention Therapy
Unit 7 Psychotherapy
Unit 8 Family Therapy
Unit 9 Group Therapy
Unit 10 Interpersonal Therapy
Unit 11 Mindfulness
Module 9 SEND Support
Unit 1 SEND and Mental Health
Unit 2 Link to Learning Disabilities
Unit 3 SEND Support
Unit 4 Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities
Unit 5 EHC Plans
Unit 6 Role of SENCO
Module 10 Primary Schools and Mental Health
Unit 1 Mental Health in Younger Children
Unit 2 Teaching Primary School Students about Mental Health
Unit 3 Supporting Mental Health in Primary Schools
Unit 4 Therapies
Unit 5 Art Therapy
Unit 6 Play Therapy
Module 11 External Support
Unit 1 Parents and Carers
Unit 2 Social Services
Unit 3 Medical Health Professionals
Unit 4 Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP)