Mental Health at Work Course

Module 1 Understanding Mental Health
Unit 1 Understanding Mental Health
Unit 2 Prevalence and Causes of Mental Health Problems
Module 2 Common Mental Health Problems
Unit 1 Mood Disorders
Unit 2 Anxiety Disorders
Unit 3 Schizophrenia
Unit 4 Eating Disorders
Module 3 The Effect of Mental Health on Work
Unit 1 Effects on Performance
Unit 2 Impacts on the Business
Unit 3 Unemployment
Module 4 Workplace Stress and the Impact on Mental Health
Unit 1 Causes of Workplace Stress
Unit 2 Impacts of Stress
Unit 3 Signs of Workplace Stress
Unit 4 Positive Impacts of Work on Mental Health
Module 5 Promoting Positive Mental Health
Unit 1 Role of the Employer in Supporting Mental Health
Unit 2 Reducing Workplace Stress
Unit 3 Importance of Job Satisfaction
Unit 4 Additional Methods for Promoting Mental Health
Module 6 Supporting Staff
Unit 1 Spotting the Signs
Unit 2 Wellness Action Plans
Unit 3 Supportive Measures
Module 7 Law, Regulation, and Stigma
Unit 1 Equality and Discrimination Law
Unit 2 Mental Health and Stigma
Unit 3 Reducing Stigma
Module 8 Collaboration and Awareness
Unit 1 Services for Mental Health
Unit 2 Importance of Awareness
Unit 3 Raising Awareness in the Workplace