Mindfulness Diploma

Module 1 Your Mindfulness Journey
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 The Blissful Union of Wellness and Fitness
Unit 3 The Interchangeability of Wellness, Fitness and Health
Unit 4 Quality of Life: Is Health Important?
Unit 5 Wellness Terminology
Unit 6 What Makes Us Well?
Unit 7 Wellness: Where to Find Out More
Unit 8 How Do We Measure Wellness?
Unit 9 What Are Your Wellness Needs?
Unit 10 Wellness of the Body
Unit 11 Wellness of the Spirit
Unit 12 Wellness of the Mind
Unit 13 How Income Affects Health
Unit 14 How Intelligence Affects Health
Unit 15 What Role Does Nutrition Play in Our Health?
Unit 16 Is There Health Without Water?
Unit 17 Vitamins: To Be or Not To Be?
Unit 18 The Role of the Brain
Unit 19 What Are Your Nutritional Needs?
Unit 20 Exercise and Play: What Do We Learn?
Unit 21 The Benefits of Walking
Unit 22 The Interconnectivity of Mind, Body and Soul
Unit 23 The Benefits of Being Well
Unit 24 Where You Live Affects Your Wellness
Unit 25 The Benefits of Being Fit
Unit 26 Music: Our Connection to the Higher Conscious
Unit 27 The Yin and Yang of the Healthy Individual
Unit 28 Right Hand vs Left Hand: Who’s Healthier?
Unit 29 Is Your Mind Playing Tricks?
Unit 30 Introduction to Mindfulness
Unit 31 What is Mindfulness?
Unit 32 Mindfulness in Daily Life
Unit 33 Starting Your Mindfulness with Meditation
Unit 34 Introducing Cognitive Restructuring
Unit 35 How to Use Cognitive Restructuring in the Real World
Unit 36 Stress and Flow States
Unit 37 Why You Should Visualize
Unit 38 The Power of Belief
Unit 39 How to Become Socially Fearless with Hypothesis Testing
Unit 40 A Quick Guide to Self-Awareness
Unit 41 A Quick Guide to Dealing with Disappointment
Unit 42 Conclusions
Module 2 Getting started with Meditation
Unit 1 Benefits of Meditation for the Wellness of Ourselves
Unit 2 Do We Need Meditation?
Unit 3 A Quick Guide to Meditation