Reflexology Training

Welcome to the Reflexology Training Course. Our Reflexology Training course provides a fantastic insight into the world of Reflexology. The course will explore the essential principles of reflexology, the benefits, reflexology techniques plus much more. In order to complete the course candidates must do the following: Read the Course Modules and Complete the Final Assessment. We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 An Introduction to Reflexology
Unit 1 Reflexology, an Introduction
Module 2 The Key Principles of Reflexology
Unit 1 The history of reflexology
Unit 2 Practicing Reflexology
Unit 3 Health Concerns
Unit 4 Reflexology and Zones
Module 3 Life Benefits
Unit 1 Showing that you care
Unit 2 The healing touch
Unit 3 Reflexology as a stress-buster
Unit 4 Building physical awareness
Unit 5 Aiming for healthy aging
Unit 6 Self-help reflexology
Unit 7 Creating natural solutions
Unit 8 The reflexology lifestyle
Unit 9 Reflexology research
Unit 10 Success stories
Unit 11 Look after your feet
Unit 12 Look after your hands
Module 4 Reflexology Techniques
Unit 1 Preparing for a session
Unit 2 Basic techniques
Unit 3 Foot desserts
Unit 4 complete foot sequence
Unit 5 Complete self-help foot sequence
Unit 6 Hand desserts
Unit 7 Complete Hand Sequence
Unit 8 Self-help hand desserts
Unit 9 Complete self-help hand sequence
Unit 10 Using self-help foot tools
Unit 11 Using self-help hand tools
Unit 12 Complete golf-ball self-help sequence
Unit 13 Foot relaxation exercises
Unit 14 Hand relaxation exercises
Module 5 Mini-sessions for getting results
Unit 1 All about mini-sessions
Unit 2 Recovery from injury
Module 6 Reflexology for every life stage
Unit 1 Reflexology for your baby
Unit 2 Reflexology for your child
Unit 3 Reflexology for teenagers
Unit 4 Reflexology for senior citizens
Unit 5 Reflexology for women
Unit 6 Reflexology in pregnancy
Unit 7 Reflexology for men
Module 7 Health Concerns
Unit 1 Common health concerns
Unit 2 The cardiovascular system
Unit 3 The digestive system
Unit 4 The endocrine system
Unit 5 Musculoskeletal system
Unit 6 The nervous system
Unit 7 The respiratory system
Unit 8 The reproductive system
Unit 9 The urinary system
Module 8 Reflexology for rejuvenation
Unit 1 Rejuvenating the feet
Unit 2 The foot-relaxer sequence
Unit 3 Self-help for tired feet
Unit 4 Self-help rejuvenation strategy
Unit 5 Foot concerns
Unit 6 Rejuvenating the hands
Unit 7 Self-help for tired hands
Unit 8 Hand concerns
Module 9 Treatment Charts
Unit 1 The charts