Teaching Assistant Programme

Welcome to the Teaching Assistant Programme. The Teaching Assistant course provides a fantastic insight into the educational work environment. The course will explore various ways in which you undertake everyday teaching assistant duties. In order to complete the course candidates must do the following: Read the Course Modules Complete Final Assessment Test.
We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 Supporting The Teacher
Unit 1 The Learning Environment
Unit 2 Pupil Behaviour
Unit 3 Observing and Recording
Module 2 Supporting the pupil
Unit 1 Social and Emotional Development
Unit 2 Care and Support
Unit 3 Health, Hygiene and Child Protection
Module 3 Supporting the curriculum
Unit 1 The Curriculum
Unit 2 Planning and Evaluating Learning Activities
Unit 3 Assist in the Delivery of Learning Activities
Module 4 Supporting the school
Unit 1 The Role of the Teaching Assistant
Unit 2 Legal Requirements
Unit 3 School Organisation Policies and Procedures
Module 5 Supporting ICT in the classroom
Unit 1 Preparation and Maintenance of ICT Equipment
Unit 2 Supporting the Use of ICT Equipment
Module 6 Supporting pupils with special education needs
Unit 1 Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
Unit 2 Support for Learners
Module 7 Supporting literacy development
Unit 1 Supporting the development of reading skills
Unit 2 Supporting the Development of Writing Skills
Unit 3 Supporting the development of speaking and listening skills
Module 8 Supporting numeracy development
Unit 1 Supporting the development of number skills
Unit 2 Supporting the development of problem solving and data handling skills
Unit 3 Supporting the understanding of measures, shape and space
Module 9 Working with others
Unit 1 Working in Teams
Unit 2 Working with Colleagues
Unit 3 Working with Other Professionals and Parents
Module 10 Assignments
Unit 1 Assignment 1
Unit 2 Assignment 2
Unit 3 Assignment 3
Unit 4 Assignment 4
Unit 5 Assignment 5
Unit 6 Assignment 6
Unit 7 Assignment 7
Unit 8 Assignment 8
Unit 9 Assignment 9
Unit 10 Final Assignment