TEFL 120 Hour Course

Welcome to the TEFL Course.

Our TEFL 120 Hour course provides a fantastic insight into Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The course will explore different aspects and requirements to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

Read the Course Modules
Complete Final Assessment

We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 PPP and ESA
Unit 1 PPP - Presentation, Practice, and Production
Unit 2 ESA - Engage, Study, and Activate
Module 2 Understanding Lesson planning
Unit 1 Understanding lesson planning
Unit 2 Components of a lesson plan
Unit 3 Example of a lesson plan
Module 3 Duties of a skilled EFL teacher
Unit 1 Organising the board
Unit 2 Grammar skills and the ability to explain grammar simply
Module 4 Teaching skills
Unit 1 Teaching Pronunciation
Unit 2 Teaching reading
Unit 3 Teaching writing
Unit 4 Teaching listening
Module 5 Discipline and Motivation
Unit 1 Correcting students’ errors
Unit 2 Discipline issues in the EFL
Unit 3 Sparking student motivation
Unit 4 Communication problems
Module 6 Education and Entertainment
Unit 1 Games and activities
Unit 2 Entertainment and education
Module 7 Business English
Unit 1 Teaching business English
Unit 2 Transitioning to a career in TEFL
Module 8 First Day Scenario
Unit 1 Advantages and challenges of teaching large classes
Unit 2 Strategies for coping with large classes
Unit 3 Activities to use in Large Classes
Unit 4 Quick tips
Unit 5 Class activities
Module 9 Teaching Abroad
Unit 1 Fun is universal
Unit 2 Starter level
Unit 3 Elementary/Primary level
Unit 4 Intermediate level
Unit 5 Upper-intermediate level
Unit 6 Good for any level
Module 10 The Early-Learning teacher’s tools
Unit 1 Early learning
Unit 2 Early Learning Language Acquisition
Unit 3 What to expect and when
Unit 4 Ten hints for keeping the class in English
Unit 5 Linguistic Culture
Unit 6 Learning across the curriculum - Black is Black!
Unit 7 Crocodile and a few monkeys
Module 11 During the interview
Unit 1 Demonstration lesson: A chance to show off
Module 12 Learning more about Life Abroad
Unit 1 Internet Resources for Learning More and about Life Abroad