The Baking Business Diploma

Welcome to the Baking Business Diploma

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 About Creating Winning Recipes
Unit 3 About Baking and Decorating
Unit 4 About Running and Marketing Your Business
Unit 5 How to Decide on a Niche
Module 2 Cake Transportation
Unit 1 How to decide if you or the client is going to transport the cake
Unit 2 How to determine the correct sized box for your cake
Unit 3 If you have the proper sized vehicle
Unit 4 Whether you need help carrying the cake
Module 3 Photographing your Cakes
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Which digital camera is best?
Unit 3 The lenses you should use
Unit 4 The lighting required for a perfect picture
Unit 5 What type of backdrops work best when photographing your cakes?
Module 4 Running Your Own Business
Unit 1 What your overheads will likely be
Unit 2 How to choose a name for your business
Unit 3 The software you need to run a cake business
Unit 4 About employees and benefits
Module 5 The do’s and don’ts & what to do when things don’t go to plan
Unit 1 The dos and don’ts when baking a cake
Unit 2 What to do when things don’t go to plan
Unit 3 How to handle complaints
Unit 4 How to provide great customer service
Module 6 Health, Safety, and Hygiene
Unit 1 About Health and Safety Guidelines
Unit 2 Legal food inspections and how they affect you
Unit 3 What your hygiene requirements are
Unit 4 What is the HACCP
Module 7 Accounting, VAT, Tax, Insurance and Record Keeping
Unit 1 Why accounting is so important
Unit 2 About VAT & other taxes you have to pay
Unit 3 About recording keeping and its importance to your business
Unit 4 How to keep organised with business licenses
Module 8 Hiring Staff and Providing Sufficient Training
Unit 1 How to find the best staff for your business
Unit 2 The best way to interview prospective employees
Unit 3 How to train your staff
Unit 4 About employee inspection and creating a hand book