The Self-Confidence Course – Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Welcome to the Self-Confidence Course. Our Self-Confidence Course provides a fantastic insight into building your self Esteem & confidence. The course will explore how to think confidently, how to act with confidence, communicating confidently plus much more. In order to complete the course candidates must do the following: Read the Course Modules and Complete the Final Assessment. We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 Building confidence
Unit 1 How to build confidence – an overview
Unit 2 How confident are you?
Unit 3 Sow the seeds of confidence and watch them grow
Unit 4 Whose responsibility?
Unit 5 Getting Motivated
Unit 6 Determination
Unit 7 Think like a confident person
Unit 8 The Four Step Method
Unit 9 Silencing the Inner Critic
Module 2 Self-awareness – Understanding yourself
Unit 1 The ‘As If’ Principle
Unit 2 Eat an elephant
Unit 3 Self-Awareness 1: Your past
Unit 4 Self-awareness 2: What are you like?
Unit 5 Childhood
Unit 6 Control dramas
Unit 7 Take care of your Inner Child
Unit 8 Forgive, forget and be free
Unit 9 Let go of the past
Unit 10 Self-acceptance
Module 3 The art of thinking confidently
Unit 1 Calmness and confidence
Unit 2 Anchoring
Unit 3 So far, so good
Unit 4 Find a purpose
Unit 5 Goals revisited
Unit 6 The Thinker thinks and the Prover proves
Unit 7 Confident self-talk
Unit 8 Beliefs
Unit 9 Confident attitudes
Unit 10 Self-love
Module 4 Improve self-image by the use of your imagination
Unit 1 Affirmations
Unit 2 Who do you imagine yourself to be?
Unit 3 Getting the most from creative imagery
Unit 4 Concentrate on what you do well
Unit 5 Confidence building activities
Unit 6 Conditions of Worth
Unit 7 Body image
Unit 8 Get in shape
Module 5 How to act with confidence
Unit 1 Overcoming weaknesses
Unit 2 Take a risk
Unit 3 Confident body language
Unit 4 Give up approval-seeking behaviour
Unit 5 First impressions
Unit 6 Stand up for yourself
Unit 7 How to be assertive
Unit 8 Say no when you mean no
Unit 9 How to ask for what you want
Module 6 Communicating with confidence
Unit 1 Be a good listener
Unit 2 Compliments and criticisms
Unit 3 Lighten up
Unit 4 Emotional Intelligence
Unit 5 Take an interest in others
Unit 6 Choose peace