Wedding Planning Diploma

Welcome to the Wedding Planning Course. Our Wedding Planning course provides a fantastic insight into the world of Wedding Planning. The course will explore trends and fashions, wedding rings, planning, locations plus much more. In order to complete the course candidates must do the following: Read the Course Modules and Complete the Final Assessment. We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

Module 1 Wedding Trends and Fashions
Unit 1 The Proposal
Unit 2 Arranged Marriages from Long Ago
Unit 3 The Betrothal
Unit 4 A Note of Caution
Module 2 Selecting the Rings
Unit 1 Wedding Ring History and Traditions
Unit 2 The Diamond
Unit 3 The Band
Unit 4 The Setting
Module 3 Telling Everyone
Unit 1 Keep It in the Family First
Unit 2 If You Have Children
Unit 3 Introducing the Families
Unit 4 Telling the Rest of the World
Unit 5 The Engagement Party
Module 4 Dream, Plan, Realise
Unit 1 Budget Meets Dream
Unit 2 Getting Organized
Unit 3 A Vision of Your Big Day
Module 5 The Business side
Unit 1 The Budget, or Who Should Pay for What
Unit 2 Worksheets and Calculators
Unit 3 Prenuptial Agreements
Unit 4 Other Business Concerns
Unit 5 Wrapping Up the Business Aspects
Module 6 Choosing the location, theme and tone of a wedding
Unit 1 The Ceremony
Unit 2 Coordination
Unit 3 The Reception
Module 7 The Details that make a difference
Unit 1 Getting Down to Some Details
Unit 2 Invitations
Unit 3 Attendants
Module 8 Choosing the Dress and extras
Unit 1 Wedding Gown Vocabulary
Unit 2 Making the Choice
Unit 3 Accessories
Unit 4 Still More Shopping to Do
Module 9 Florists, Cakes, Photographers, and More
Unit 1 Flowers
Unit 2 The Cake
Unit 3 Choosing a Photographer
Unit 4 Transportation
Module 10 Pre-Wedding Celebrations
Unit 1 Showers
Unit 2 Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Unit 3 Special Gatherings
Unit 4 Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
Unit 5 Post Wedding Brunches
Module 11 The Gifts: Giving and Receiving
Unit 1 Gift Registries
Unit 2 Other Gifts
Unit 3 Wedding Favors and Goody Bags
Module 12 Legal Considerations
Unit 1 License to Marry
Unit 2 Changing Your Name
Unit 3 Insurance
Unit 4 Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, and Taxes
Module 13 The Honeymoon
Unit 1 Destination Wedding and Honeymoon
Module 14 Preparation for The Big Day
Unit 1 Preparing Yourself for the Event of a Lifetime
Unit 2 The Day Before the Wedding
Unit 3 The Morning of the Wedding
Module 15 The Ceremony
Unit 1 Music for the Ceremony
Unit 2 The Wedding as Entertainment
Unit 3 The Vows
Unit 4 After the Vows
Module 16 The Reception
Unit 1 Food and Drink
Unit 2 Music