Dog Grooming Course

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Welcome to the Dog Grooming Online Course.

Harley Oxford is offering students this innovative Dog Grooming course. The course will explore various aspects of Dog Grooming including anatomy and history of dogs and canine health, bathing and brushing skills plus much more.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

  • Read the Course Modules
  • Complete Final Exam

We hope you enjoy the course, and good luck!

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Module 1 The Role of a Dog Groomer
The duties of a dog groomer go beyond aesthetic styling. Dog grooming is about maintaining the health of the dog. These common procedures include bathing, brushing, ear and teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and clipping.
Unit 1 What is dog grooming?
Unit 2 The benefits of dog grooming
Unit 3 Equipment
Unit 4 Different Roles
Unit 5 Shows

Module 2 Anatomy and History of Dogs
This module covers the Anatomy and History of Dogs. This module includes information about The head
, Neck, shoulders and chest, Forelegs and hind legs
, Paws
 and much more
Unit 1 The head
Unit 2 Neck, shoulders and chest
Unit 3 Forelegs and hind legs
Unit 4 Paws
Unit 5 Claws
Unit 6 Rear end
Unit 7 Man's best friend
Unit 8 Origins of dog grooming
Unit 9 What keeps a dog's coat healthy?
Unit 10 Genetics
Unit 11 General health
Unit 12 Diet

Module 3 Canine Health
Intestinal parasites are a common cause of dog disease. Although many dog owners pay more attention to external parasites (fleas and ticks), it is important to be aware of the importance of regular home-grown parasites because intestinal parasites can also cause significant health problems.
Unit 1 Internal parasites
Unit 2 External parasites
Unit 3 Canine First Aid
Unit 4 Managing injuries

Module 4 Bathing and Brushing Skills
If you love dogs, and don’t mind some hard work, lots of dirt, and the occasional nip from a wet canine, becoming a dog groomer may be the career choice for you. No, it’s not as simple as buying a washtub, brush, scissors, and “open for business” sign. However, becoming a dog groomer is achievable for most anyone with the physical abilities, calm demeanor, patience, and passion for “man’s best friend” that are keys to success in the field.
Unit 1 Training to groom
Unit 2 Handling difficult dogs
Unit 3 Brushing techniques
Unit 4 Massage
Unit 5 Breed-specific grooming techniques
Unit 6 How to bathe a dog
Unit 7 How to dry a dog

Module 5 Clipping Skills
Clipping is ideal for removing hair evenly and creating an appearance that may not be possible with scissors. It is a relatively fast and effective way to obtain a manageable length for the coat, although it may be necessary to provide regular breaks for you and the dog. To achieve the best results, follow the advice below and do not expect to get it right first time. Clipping can take a great deal of practice to achieve a level, even finish. If you have doubts consult a professional groomer or vet for additional advice specific to your dog’s coat type.
Unit 1 Clipping and stripping
Unit 2 Stripping techniques
Unit 3 Clipping techniques
Unit 4 Basic techniques
Unit 5 Pet cut
Unit 6 Advanced clipping styles
Unit 7 Spaniel coats
Unit 8 Poodle Coats

Module 6 Teeth, Toes and Beyond
Dog faces are cute, adorable, joyful, soulful, noble, and commanding. Dogs can communicate a wide range of emotions. They are also prone to attracting smut and getting dirty. A dog puts his nose into everything from soil to garbage to food bowls. And the faces of even short-haired breeds can need routine grooming to keep them free of clumps, stains, dried food particles, and other blotches.
Unit 1 Face - Cleaning and Identifying Problems
Unit 2 Fur - cleaning and identifying problems
Unit 3 Eyes - cleaning and identifying problems
Unit 4 Ears - cleaning and identifying problems
Unit 5 Teeth - cleaning and identifying problems
Unit 6 Claws - cleaning and identifying problems

Module 7 Running a successful fixed or mobile dog grooming business
As life becomes busier, consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives. Pet lovers need to ensure their animals are properly cared. For the busy pet owner, dog grooming is the perfect solution, offering both convenience and individual attention for each animal.
Unit 1 How to get started

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