The basic rules for tarot appear in an Italian manuscript of Martiano da Tortona dating back to 1425. The beginning off the tarot deck started in the 15th century in Italy between 1420 and 1440. Theres no evidence linking the tarot to ancient Egypt but there are Egyptian symbols on some tarot cards. Taking account the history between Rome and Egypt deciding on how much Egypt influenced these cards contain. There is no certain proof . 22 Mjor Arcana. Playing cards date back to 12th century China. Created to entertain Chinese King's concubines. Chinese created paper. Three decks from Italian nobility in1440 called the Visconti Trumps. Bore symbolic pictures like the Pope then Emperor, the Wheel of fortune,the devil and the Moon. Tarot used in a game called Triumphs. Trump cards outranked all other cards. Extremely popular game among upper class italy. Spreading quickly through Northern Italy to the East of France. The cards bore no numbers. The game game spread to Northern Sicily, Austria, Germany and lower geographical countries.