Mastering Public Speaking Course

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Welcome to the Mastering Public Speaking Course

eventOur Mastering Public Speaking Course provides a fantastic insight into the world ofPublic Speaking.

Harley Oxford is offering students this How To Become A Successful Public Speaker course. The course provides a fantastic insight into Tips For Professional Speakers, Easy Ways To Remember Your Material, Get Rid Of Distracting Body Movements, Achieving Success In Professional Speaking and much more.

This course will explore various aspects required to help you become A Successful Public Speaker.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

  • Read all Course Modules
  • Complete the Final Online Assessment

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the material!

Module 1 Introduction
This module takes you through the course Introduction.
Unit 1 10 Tips For Professional Speakers
Unit 2 6 Questions That Professional Speakers Answer
Unit 3 Key aspects to consider

Module 2 Developing your skills
This module will provide you with a variety of skills necessary to become a successful public speaker.
Unit 1 Easy Ways To Remember Your Material
Unit 2 Get Rid Of Distracting Body Movements
Unit 3 Achieving Success In Professional Speaking
Unit 4 Creating A Professional Speaking Portfolio
Unit 5 Professional Speaking: Do You Have What It Takes To Draw People?
Unit 6 Dealing With A Negative Audience

Module 3 Starting your career as a public speaker
This module provides you with the necessary training to start your career as a public speaker.
Unit 1 Finding Jobs For Professional Speakers
Unit 2 Handling Questions And Answers
Unit 3 How Free Professional Speaking Gigs Help You
Unit 4 How To Feel Confident In Front Of Your Audience
Unit 5 How To Market Yourself As A Professional Speaker
Unit 6 How To Tell A Story In Your Professional Speaking Presentation
Unit 7 Organizing Your Professional Speaking Presentation
Unit 8 Practice Makes Perfect!
Unit 9 Professional Speakers Polish Their Message
Unit 10 Successful Transitions For Your Presentation

Module 4 Becoming a succesfull Public Speaker
This module will cover aspects on how to become a successful Public Speaker.
Unit 1 Ten Sources Of Income In Professional Speaking
Unit 2 The Real Message That Professional Speakers Send
Unit 3 Using Humor In Your Professional Speaking Gig
Unit 4 Using Props In Your Professional Speaking Presentation
Unit 5 What Does The First Year Of Professional Speaking Look Like?
Unit 6 What Makes A Great Professional Speaker?

Once you have gone through the course modules the next stage of the course is to complete the Final Assessment.

The Test

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Exam Results & Certifications

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