Data in a Microsoft Access database will already be stored in tables. When you fetch the data, you will need to identify the table to import. If the database is a relational database, you may need to fetch the data from a query that combines data from different tables. To get data from a Microsoft Access database: Select the cell where you want to insert the data On the Ribbon, click the Data tab In the Get External Data group, click the From Access button The Select Data Source dialog box will be displayed – this is similar to a standard Open dialog box. Locate and select the database file, and then click Open The Select Table dialog box will be displayed. In the list, choose the required Table or View Click OK The Import Data dialog box will be displayed. If you just want the table data in the worksheet, choose Table – otherwise choose PivotTable Report or PivotChart and PivotTable Report as required Using the Where do you want to put the data options, make sure that the correct cell is chosen, or alternatively choose New worksheet Click OK The data will be imported into the Excel worksheet. It will be formatted automatically as an Excel table. A connection to the data source will probably be established, but security settings on your computer could prevent this.

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