NLP Exam

To get to this stage you should now have completed all 10 course modules and be ready to take your final assessment.

We would strongly advise that you read through the entire course units more than once and make relevant notes where necessary ensuring that you have absorbed all the information.


In order to take the final assessment test you will be required to enter your full name and email address, this must match the information contained within your profile.

If any of these details are incorrect please update your personal information on the profile page.

The Test

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of the exam.

Testing Areas

The Final Assessment will contribute to 100% of your final grade awarded for that particular level of the course.

The Final Assessment consists of a total of 29 questions. The questions are based on the course literature, so you will NOT be questioned on information that has not been specifically addressed and discussed throughout the course modules.

Each question will have a different format to it, from multiple choice questions to questions selected from a word bank. Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your knowledge.

Test instructions

Read each question very carefully – There may be questions asking you to select the option that is incorrect and/or more than one answer to a question.

Answer each question – Do not leave any question blank as you will not be awarded any marks; however you have a 1 in 4 chance of answering correctly if you at least attempt the question.

Work by process of elimination – If you are unsure of the answer to a question, first rule out any options that you know are definitely (or at least mostly sure) are incorrect and then select which you think is correct.

Please note, your results for the Final Assessment are automatically sent across to your tutors and they will be aware of your grades.

Welcome , you are now in the Harley Oxford test area.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed ALL modules, please click on the test buttons below. You must pass these tests in order to obtain certifications for this course.

Please take the test by selecting the correct answers from each question presented. Please choose your answers carefully; you must score a minimum of 60% to pass the test and gain your final certifications.

Once you have passed the test your results are recorded permanently on our database and contribute towards your final grade.

Exam Results & Certifications

Digital certifications are issued within 7 – 12 working days.

NLP Assessment

Welcome to your NLP Assessment

Exam instructions;

  • Read all questions carefully before you answer
  • You must answer all questions
  • You have approximately 30mins to complete the exam

Please only click the test button when you are ready as you must complete the test in one sitting.