Tarot Reading Course

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Welcome to the Tarot Reading Course

Harley Oxford is offering students this Tarot Reading course.

The course provides a fantastic insight into Tarot Reading, learn the practice and method of Tarot Reading, learn the history, Intuition and the Tarot, Major and Minor Arcana and much more.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

  • Read all 9 Course Modules
  • Complete the Final Online Assessment

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the material!

Module 1 An Historical Overview
When we think of tarot cards we think of the occult, mysticism and divination. Well the truth of the matter is that the original tarot cards were actually used to play games with.

This module provides insight into the historical overview of Tarot reading.
Unit 1 An Historical Overview
Unit 2 Tarot-card Philosophy
Unit 3 Understanding Tarot card reading
Unit 4 The Purpose of Tarot Cards
Unit 5 How to Interpret Tarot Cards

Module 2 Intuition and the Tarot
We all have a certain degree of what is called intuition. This may or may not include being psychic as well. Intuition is our innate abilities to sense things in the world around us. It is our instinctive or unconscious knowing that has nothing to do with our cognitive abilities of reason and logic.

This module takes you through Intuition and the Tarot.
Unit 1 Skills Needed to Be a Professional Tarot Reader
Unit 2 Intuition and the Tarot

Module 3 Getting Started - Clearing your Tarot Deck and Space
So you just got your new deck of tarot cards. They are still in the box. There is a process called clearing the deck that tarot readers do before they start to use the cards. This is done to clear any negative energy from the deck as well as to start to impart your own energy on the new deck. There is no one way to clear a tarot deck.
Unit 1 What is clearing and cleansing for tarot cards?
Unit 2 Getting Started - Clearing your Tarot Deck and Space

Module 4 The Major Arcana
This module takes you through the Major Arcana.

The “Major Arcana” are considered the heart of a tarot deck.
Unit 1 The Major Arcana
Unit 2 The Fool
Unit 3 I - The Magician
Unit 4 II - The High Priestess
Unit 5 III - The Empress
Unit 6 IV - The Emperor
Unit 7 V - The Hierophant
Unit 8 VI - Lovers
Unit 9 VII - The Chariot
Unit 10 VIII - Strength
Unit 11 IX - The Hermit
Unit 12 X - The Wheel of Fortune
Unit 13 XI - Justice
Unit 14 XII - The Hanged Man
Unit 15 XIII - Death
Unit 16 XIV - Temperance
Unit 17 XV - The Devil
Unit 18 XVI - The Tower
Unit 19 XVII - The Star
Unit 20 XVIII - The Moon
Unit 21 XIX - The Sun
Unit 22 XX - Judgment
Unit 23 XXI - The World

Module 5 The Minor Arcana
This module will introduce you to the Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana are 56 cards. Like a playing deck of cards it is broken into four suits; each suit having 4 court cards with it. The Major Arcana called the Trump cards deal with life's important issues we face. The Minor Arcana deal with everyday issues and tell us the best way to handle them. Each suit touches on an aspect of our daily lives.
Unit 1 The Minor Arcana
Unit 2 Ace Of Wands
Unit 3 II of Wands Dominion
Unit 4 III of Wands
Unit 5 IV Of Wands
Unit 6 V of Wands
Unit 7 VI of Wands
Unit 8 VII of Wands
Unit 9 VIII of Wands
Unit 10 IX of Wands
Unit 11 X of Wands
Unit 12 Page of Wands
Unit 13 Knight of Wands
Unit 14 Queen of Wands
Unit 15 King of Wands

Module 6 Cups
Cups in the Tarot deck are likened to the Hearts in a regular playing deck. Cups represent water, the west and autumn. They have to do with love, the emotions, feelings, decisions, finishing stages in one's life, your sensitivity and your family life.

The Cups Suit deal with the emotional level of consciousness. Cups mirror your spontaneous responses and your habitual reactions to situations. Cups have an affinity with religious groups or institutions.
Unit 1 Cups
Unit 2 Ace of Cups
Unit 3 II of Cups
Unit 4 III of Cups
Unit 5 IV of Cups
Unit 6 V of Cups
Unit 7 VII of Cups
Unit 8 VII of Cups
Unit 9 VIII of Cups
Unit 10 IX of Cups
Unit 11 X of Cups
Unit 12 Page of Cups
Unit 13 Knight of Cups
Unit 14 Queen of Cups
Unit 15 King of Cups

Module 7 Pentacles
The Pentacle Suit in the Tarot deck corresponds to the Diamonds in the regular playing card deck. Pentacles represent material possessions, industry, business, commerce, trade, finances, and security.

They deal with the external level of consciousness. Pentacles mirror the outer situations of your health, finances, work, and creativity.
Unit 1 Pentacles
Unit 2 Ace of Pentacles
Unit 3 II of Pentacles
Unit 4 III of Pentacles
Unit 5 IV of Pentacles
Unit 6 V of Pentacles
Unit 7 VI of Pentacles
Unit 8 VII of Pentacles
Unit 9 VIII of Pentacles
Unit 10 IX of Pentacles
Unit 11 X of Pentacles
Unit 12 Page of Pentacles
Unit 13 Knight of Pentacles
Unit 14 Queen of Pentacles
Unit 15 King of Pentacles

Module 8 Swords
The Spades in a regular playing card deck corresponds to Swords in the Tarot Deck. Swords represent the east or north, eagle, sylph, brown hair, brown eyes. They have to do with action, physical, working stages, change, force, movement, oppression, ambition, courage, trouble, and strife.

They deal with the mental level of consciousness, thinking and intellectual. Swords mirror the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.
Unit 1 Swords
Unit 2 Ace of Swords
Unit 3 II of Swords
Unit 4 III of Swords
Unit 5 IV of Swords
Unit 6 V of Swords
Unit 7 VI of Sword
Unit 8 VII of Swords
Unit 9 VIII of Swords
Unit 10 IX of Swords
Unit 11 X of Swords
Unit 12 Page of Swords
Unit 13 Knight of Swords
Unit 14 Queen of Swords
Unit 15 King of Swords

Module 9 An Easy Spread To Get You Started
Now that you have enough basic information from this course you can start to use your tarot deck. There are many spreads people use the most common is called the Celtic Cross. But for simplification purposes we are going to end this course with a few very simple spreads to get you on your way to doing readings.
Unit 1 An Easy Spread To Get You Started
Unit 2 The “TRUE LOVE” Spread
Unit 3 The “SUCCESS” Spread
Unit 4 The “Celtic Cross” Spread
Unit 5 The “Spiritual Guidance” Spread
Unit 6 The “Career Path” Spread

Once you have gone through the course modules the next stage of the course is to complete the Final Assessment.

Final Assessment

To get to this stage you should now have completed all 9 course modules and be ready to take your assessment tests.

We would strongly advise that you read through the entire course units more than once and make relevant notes where necessary ensuring that you have absorbed all the information.

The Test

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