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If you are looking to break into the area of Teaching Assistant, we can help by teaching you the skills that employees of teaching organisation need to know. The Certificate in Teaching Assistant Skills has 1 module which need to be complete before you can be awarded the certification.

Please read through, make notes and fully understand each of the modules in detail. Then once you are ready please submit the assignments for each of the module.

How to Study the Course

In order to study the Teaching Assistant training course candidates need to read through all 9 modules. The course reading materials can be found on the main course page. Once you have read through all modules you then need to complete your course assignments. Assignments must be submitted all at once.

Once you have submitted all your assignments the next phase is to complete your online multiple choice test. The online multiple choice test is to be sat on an external website. The multiple choice test comprises 50 questions and is timed at 60 minutes.

Achieving the Certification

You can achieve your Teaching Assistance award by simply passing an online multiple choice test. This test is designed to test your new skills within the Teaching Assistant sector, and will be invaluable to potential employers to show that you are fully experienced and have a sound understanding of the working area.

What to expect?

The online multiple choice test last one hour, and it’s online, you have the convenience of taking the test at your own desk at a time that suits you. The test comprises of 40 + multiple choice questions.

When to take the Tests

Many candidates ask whether or not there is a set date to take the test for the Certification of Professional Competence in Teaching Assistance. As the Certification of Professional Competence in Teaching Assistance multiple choice test can be completed online, you can take the online test whenever you please.

When you feel confident and fully prepared to take the Certification of Professional Competence in Teaching Assistance test you can do so. You will need to contact your course provider directly for test bookings.

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