TEFL 120 Hour Course

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Welcome to the TEFL 120 Hour Course

eventOur TEFL 120 Hour course provides a fantastic insight into Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The course will explore different aspects and requirements to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

In order to complete the course candidates must do the following:

  • Read all Course Modules
  • Complete the Final Online Assessment

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the material!

Module 1 PPP and ESA
In this module, you will learn about "PPP" and "ESA", what they mean and how you can use them?
Unit 1 PPP - Presentation, Practice, and Production
Unit 2 ESA - Engage, Study, and Activate

Module 2 Understanding Lesson planning
What is the lesson plan? What are its components? And how to build one? This module will teach you what you need to know about lesson planning.
Unit 1 Understanding lesson planning
Unit 2 Components of a lesson plan
Unit 3 Example of a lesson plan

Module 3 Duties of a skilled EFL teacher
This module will guide you and provide the necessary information you need to be a skilled EFL teacher, what is is that you should do and how exactly you should start?
Unit 1 Organising the board
Unit 2 Grammar skills and the ability to explain grammar simply

Module 4 Teaching skills
Int his module you will learn how to teach students different types of language skills including pronunciation, writing and reading.
Unit 1 Teaching Pronunciation
Unit 2 Teaching reading
Unit 3 Teaching writing
Unit 4 Teaching listening

Module 5 Discipline and Motivation
This module helps you to learn valuable skills such as dealing with students in the class, how to encourage students, motivate and discipline them.
Unit 1 Correcting students’ errors
Unit 2 Discipline issues in the EFL
Unit 3 Sparking student motivation
Unit 4 Communication problems

Module 6 Education and Entertainment
Learn how to keep students engaged, active and interested? Entertainment in education may be the answer! But how can you add entertainment to education? This module will provide further information on how to do this.
Unit 1 Games and activities
Unit 2 Entertainment and education

Module 7 Business English
Teaching business English? What do you need to know? How do you do it? What is the difference? This module will cover everything you need to know.
Unit 1 Teaching business English
Unit 2 Transitioning to a career in TEFL

Module 8 First Day Scenario
The first day can be tough, this module will help you to learn how to make the most of your first day, learn different tactics and strategies that will make your first day your best day!
Unit 1 Advantages and challenges of teaching large classes
Unit 2 Strategies for coping with large classes
Unit 3 Activities to use in Large Classes
Unit 4 Quick tips
Unit 5 Class activities

Module 9 Teaching Abroad
This module helps you learn what is different about teaching abroad, and how to deal with this difference.
Unit 1 Fun is universal
Unit 2 Starter level
Unit 3 Elementary/Primary level
Unit 4 Intermediate level
Unit 5 Upper-intermediate level
Unit 6 Good for any level

Module 10 The Early-Learning teacher’s tools
This module provides practical tools for your early learning as a teacher.
Unit 1 Early learning
Unit 2 Early Learning Language Acquisition
Unit 3 What to expect and when
Unit 4 Ten hints for keeping the class in English
Unit 5 Linguistic Culture
Unit 6 Learning across the curriculum - Black is Black!
Unit 7 Crocodile and a few monkeys

Module 11 During the interview
Interviews can be tough, this module will give you tips on how to leave a great impression and excel in every interview!
Unit 1 Demonstration lesson: A chance to show off

Module 12 Learning more about Life Abroad
This module includes crucial information to help with your development, learn about life abroad.
Unit 1 Internet Resources for Learning More and about Life Abroad

Once you have gone through the course modules the next stage of the course is to complete the TEFL 120 Hour Assessment.

Final Assessment

To get to this stage you should now have completed all modules and be ready to take your final assessment.

We would strongly advise that you read through the entire course units more than once and make relevant notes where necessary ensuring that you have absorbed all the information.

The Test

To book your exam the fee is £14.99 and will give you unlimited attempts to pass. Use the button below to book your exam.

Once you have booked the exam a link will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Exam Results & Certifications

The course includes a FREE Digital certification which is issued within 7 – 12 working days.



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