The best method of Study

Generally speaking, we recommend that you read through the particular course modules, taking any notes where necessary or that you feel are good learning points. Ensure you take detailed notes and research any concepts that you may not initially understand to boost your knowledge.

Depending on the particular course you can always do additional research via Google. Google’s tools can be an amazing resource for your studies. Improve your research skills by mastering Google Search, Google Scholar, Google Books, and other popular resources.


Once you have read through the particular module, we then suggest you completing any end of unit assessment, where relevant, whether this be a multiple-choice test or a written assignment, whilst the information is still fresh in your mind.

Once you have completed this process over all the units, we then recommend you taking the final form of assessment (where relevant) in order for you to complete your course.

However, this is just a general guide to studying and it is of significant importance to bear in mind that every individual is different and thus will absorb and process information according to their particular unique learning style. So essentially we would strongly recommend doing what is best for you and how you feel comfortable studying.

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