Try Sage 50 Accounts Software


Sage provide you with the opportunity to use and test-drive the Sage 50 Accounts software online. This trial/test drive version of the software can be used to perform accounting functions within Sage 50 Accounts and will aid your understanding of the software, helping you to become familiar with the Sage 50 Accounts.


Sage 50 Accounts TestDrive:

Update: As of September 2014, The Sage TestDrive software has been updated to the 2015 version of Sage which Sage will be releasing in the coming weeks. Our tutors will be providing additional course content for those who want to learn the 2015 software in the coming weeks.

Software Pros and Cons

The software is a TestDrive so it gives you a ‘free’ chance to explore how everything works. This test drive software is hosted online directly through sage. In order to log into the software, you will have to register each time you log in.

This ‘TestDrive’ software will only run on PC devices. Sage haven’t release mobile compatible versions of their software as of yet. The test drive version of the software is pre-loaded with Sage 50 Accounts demo data. You can’t import any data into this practice software on initial loading and you can’t make fundamental system changes, as you would if you owned your own version of the software. Making such changes will affect all users of the software. Other than these few elements, everything else in the software works fine.


In order to access the online trial version of Sage 50 Accounts you will need to fill in your details to use the Sage software.


Step 1:

Click the link above


Step 2:

You will be taken to the Sage 50 Accounts TestDrive service where you can use the software. Click the TestDrive Sage 50 Accounts button.

Step 3:

Next you will need to enter ‘A little about you’, we will enter some details in this section. Then, once all the information has been entered click continue.



Step 4:

Next enter a few more details. Then click the ‘Start Using Sage 50 Accounts’ button.


Step 5:


The TestDrive version of the Sage 50 Accounts software will begin to load. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.



Then finally, once loaded. You will be able to use the Sage 50 Accounts software online.

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