Types of assessments?

On the Harley Oxford e-learning system we provide a variety of online courses and training material. Some of our courses will have a final multiple choice test as a form of final assessment, whereas some courses will be assignment based requiring the user to submit their work to a tutor.

Some of our courses have different types of final assessments for various reasons. One being our expert academic tutors design and create the courses in order for students to learn what they need to know about their industry. They structure the courses and final assessments in such a way as to ensure they can accurately assess whether students have learned what they should know once they have read through the course literature.

Another reason for the different assessment methods is to ensure you are accurately assessed for the course you have taken and are well prepared for any future possible tests you may need to take once you have secured you job in your chosen career.

We hope this goes some way to explaining how our course assessments work.

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